Get your customer feedback organized

Discover opportunities and prioritize with confidence

Untangle your feedback loop

Feature requests & ideas are impossible to manage when they're spread across inboxes, chat logs, and spreadsheets.

Give customers & teammates an organized space to share feedback, vote on requests, and stay posted on progress.

See our feedback board

No more duplicates

Let customers vote for and discuss requests shared by others

Surface the best ideas

Instantly see which ideas would impact the most customers and how important it is to them

Keep customers updated

When you update the status of a post, interested customers are notified automatically

Get the context you need

See who's voting for what and how important each request is to them.

If you need to know more, start conversations around requests to learn what problems customers are trying to solve.

We're not quite ready to launch yet, but if you want to be involved early or learn more, sign up and we'll be in touch